Psoriasis doctors


What are Psoriasis Causes and Risk Factors?

Psoriasis and multiple sclerosis are. The immune system attacks its good cells while fighting the bad ones. Some patients approaching doctors for multiple sclerosis treatment in Pune have seen to have signs of psoriasis.

Psoriasis affects the skin. Red patches appear and the affected area and can be itchy and painful. The body grows healthy skin every month. In psoriasis, the skin grows faster and piles one upon the other and the immune system gets no chance to stop it.


Current Guidelines for Psoriasis Treatment: A Work in Progress

Psoriasis is a skin-related autoimmune disease. A person with psoriasis develops red patchy plagues on the skin, and new skin develops at a faster rate than usual and piles one above the other. Psoriasis can be mild or severe and is categorized as local or general depending on the severity, and its effects on an individual.