Oxygen Ozone Therapy

Using the elixir of life - the oxygen molecule.

Ozone, often called activated oxygen is a compound containing three oxygen molecules. Oxygen is a basic element of life and ozone provides one of the best methods of supplying it to the body. Converting pure medical grade oxygen into ozone and using it in the treatment of various diseases is called ozone therapy.

Oxygen is obviously involved in nearly every bodily function. Therefore, it can be used to improve almost any ailment. No treatment of chronic disease can be complete without addressing all relevant oxygenation related issues. No wonder, oxygen-ozone therapy is used to:

  • energise cellular mechanisms
  • eliminate wastes and toxins
  • regenerate the liver
  • reactivate the immune system
  • restore enzymes, minerals and the hormone system

It is effective with quick results, affordable without side effects, and can be combined with regular treatment.

Oxygenation is an underestimated treatment method