High-dose Vitamin D

What our lifestyle takes away, we replenish using nature itself

The incidence of auto immune diseases is on a rise worldwide.  There are about 80 autoimmune diseases and they are all potentially debilitating and disturbing chronic diseases. Our immune system works normally to protect us from outside invaders. Sometimes the immune system mistakes our own tissues as foreign bodies and attacks them by producing antibodies.  Different autoimmune conditions affect different tissues. For instance, in rheumatoid arthritis is nothing but  our body producing antibodies with the intent to protect but ending damaging one's own joint cartilage. Similarly, Hashimoto's attacks the thyroid, psoriasis is an auto-immune reaction in skin, multiple sclerosis adversely affects nerve sheets through the body, lupus reacts within the omnipresent connective tissue in our body and so on.

The successful treatment of auto immune conditions with high doses of vitamin D has been pioneered by Dr. Cicero Coimbra from Brazil. The role of Vitamin D in health is far deeper and much beyond musculo-skeletal health. Every cell in our body has receptors for the vitamin. Today Vitamin D is thought of as a hormone that controls over 200 genes. This opens many essential processes in our cells including modulating and fine-tuning our immune system. 

People with auto-immune diseases need much higher doses of vitamin D to modulate the immunity because they usually have various degrees of vitamin D resistance at the cell receptor level. Higher, daily Vitamin D doses are required to compensate for the resistance to biological effects of Vitamin D. Experience shows that Vitamin D deficiency is indeed a characteristic of nearly all patients with autoimmune disorders.

After an initial consultation with Dr. Renu Mahtani, she will prescribe laboratory tests if need be. Vitamin D dosage will be tailored according to these results as per the Coimbra protocol because indeed excessive Vitamin D is not healthy either.

Vitamin D, the much under-rated requirement might just be

the solution your body needs.